9 reasons it’s stupid that we don’t have self-serve gas in NJ (Opinion)

New Jersey 101.5 in a recent article (linked above) outlined 9 reasons why New Jersey should offer the option to pump your own gas. It is for these same reasons that Fuel Your Way NJ is advocating for an option fueling model in New Jersey. We encourage you all to not only read this article, but participate in the survey at the end.



The other state lifts self service gas ban due to heat. Why not New Jersey?

During the week of June 28, 2021, Oregon lifted its ban on self-serve gas in an effort to protect gas station attendants from the extreme heat. Oregon already allows motorists to pump their own gas in half of the state, while restricting self-serve in the other half. The current heatwave made Oregon officials permit self-serve in the entire state for the duration of the heatwave. Many are asking the question, “Why not New Jersey?”, including us here at Fuel Your Way NJ. Not only does the heat make for dangerous working conditions for gas station workers, but it also heightens the growing crisis station owners are facing when trying to find employees. If they cannot get employees to work on the nicest of days, that issue is only worse on some of the hottest days New Jersey has seen in years. Allowing for self-serve gas, especially during times of extreme weather, would protect the health of New Jersey workers and the financial health of New Jersey gas station owners.

Originally established at the urging of a gas station owner who wanted to beat back his competition, the 1949 Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act still remains in effect in New Jersey — rendering us the only state to still follow an all-full-service gas station model. Now is the time to make a change to allow for consumer choice!

Comprised of business, industry, and resident organizations, Fuel Your Way NJ advocates for the adoption of a hybrid fueling model in New Jersey – giving drivers the option to pump their own gas while maintaining full-service stations across the Garden State. While the cultural mindset in New Jersey leads residents to believe that a full-service model is superior, decades of improved fueling safety innovations and the customer convenience of self-service models challenges the rationale for continuing as is.

Self-service reduces financial burdens on both gas station owners and consumers, and surveys show that moving to a hybrid model will reduce the price of gas for New Jersey drivers by 15 or more cents per gallon. However, the best part about incorporating self-service here in New Jersey is that it gives drivers the option to choose the model that best suits them. If New Jersey moves forward with a self-service proposal, gas stations would provide both self-service and full-service options, so you can still have your gas pumped for you if you want. It is a win-win for everyone.

Fuel Your Way NJ is here to show New Jersey that the time has come to reconsider this outdated practice and integrate a model that will bring us up to speed with the rest of the nation, reduce costs, and provide consumers with a choice.



Sign our Petition to give New Jerseyans a Fuel Choice

It’s way past time for New Jersey to adopt a common-sense approach to pumping our gas. By signing our petition, you’re calling on the Legislature and the Governor to offer a hybrid model — the ability to pump your own gas while maintaining the choice to have it pumped for you.

The reality is by offering both options, New Jerseyans can make a choice to save both time and their hard-earned dollars with self-service. In the end, that’s what we’re looking for… the ability for New Jerseyans to make their own choice, not have it dictated to them.





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