9 reasons it’s stupid that we don’t have self-serve gas in NJ (Opinion)
It’s time we pumped our own gas New Jersey. Who’s with me?
NJ gas prices remain high, possible spot shortages loom
NJ gasoline prices — now at a seven-year high — show no signs of easing over the coming months. That’s apparently causing some businesses to pull back on travel, even as the economy strives to recover from the pandemic. While overall gas supplies look stable, depending on how much crude OPEC decides to produce this year, analysts do predict some pumps could go dry temporarily in less centrally located areas. The reason? Labor shortages — like a lack of gas truck drivers who deliver fuel to service stations.
State suspends enforcement of gas station self-service ban due to heat
With the current and predicted heat in Oregon, the Office of State Fire Marshal said Sunday it is suspending regulations that prohibit the self-serve of gasoline at some retail gasoline service stations.
The other state lifts self service gas ban due to heat. Why not New Jersey?
This heatwave is so bad in Oregon that the state fire marshall has temporarily suspended the state’s ban on self-service gas stations in an effort to protect the attendants from the heat. Granted the ban was only lifted for two days, and the temperatures reached 110, but at least it’s a start.
Due to heat wave, Oregon allows self-service gas until Tuesday night
With an excessive heat warning engulfing most of the Beaver State, the Office of the State Fire Marshal on Sunday temporarily suspended regulations that prohibit customers from pumping their own fuel at gasoline service stations in Oregon.
At these prices, we should be able to pump our own gas in NJ
With gas prices reaching a 7-year high, and a pipeline shutdown that could make things worse, it’s time to let the good people of New Jersey pump our own gas. Here’s why.

Crisis for New Jersey motorists!

New Jersey residents shared these photos with FYWNJ of closed pumps at local stations. This is becoming all too normal at most stations throughout the state. Lack of employees is hitting crisis level. Having the ability to pump your own gas would open these pumps up to customers and provide much needed relief to residents and station owners.